Why Industrial Revolution X.0

The Evolution of Industries

The transformation of the energy industry, via the application of IR 4.0 technologies, is already being implemented by oil, gas and petrochemical companies worldwide. These cutting edge technologies – artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, robotics, information and cyber security, big data and analytics – has resulted in highly automated processes and thereby, introducing an era of optimization and efficiency, rarely witnessed before.

The Future of Smart Industries

The 4th Industrial Revolution has created a paradigm shift in global growth and driving demand for energy products. However, we must look beyond this to the next revolution – IR X.0 this is the point where industrial businesses are not just digitally run, but completely reinvented through smart, connected, learning and living technologies. By using the right mix of technologies, and in the right combinations, companies not only can create smart products and connected services, but also reinvent their operating models, production and value chains, leading to new levels of efficiency, new sources of growth, and new customer and worker experiences. This coming together of technologies to digitally transform businesses is the Industrial Revolution X.0