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IR X.0 Innovator Awards

The IR X.0 Technology Conference and Exhibition is now open for 2019 awards. Successful finalists will be assessed and subsequently the “Gold Medalist” will be awarded the prestigious technical innovator award while the runner up will be awarded as the “Silver Medalist”.

Gold Medalist

IR X.0 Technology Innovator Award

Silver Medalist

IR X.0 Technology Innovator Award

What is IR X.0 Hackathon?

The IR X.0 Hackathon aims to explore solutions from professionals, startups, vendors and any individuals or teams to solve operations facility assets lifecycle during the design, engineering, procurement, construction & installation, operation (inspection and maintenance) stages.

The winner will successfully demonstrate the use of the conference themes to address critical business challenges by applying state-of-the-art technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, 3D printing, robotics, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, data analytics and other disruptive technologies in an innovative, integrated and leading way.

Business Challenge Description

Although an existing challenge for many operators across the world, the below outlined is to be considered only as a sample challenge to give the submitter an idea of the depth required of their submission (The below may also be used). Nominations for different challenges are welcomed and must be clearly explained to ensure success.

Sample Business Challenge

Operating Facilities usually face difficulties in managing the large number of assets through the overall lifecycle (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance).

1. During the Design and Engineering Stage:

Different Engineering and Procurement Contractors (EPC) are usually involved where each have their own method and standard of generating the engineering design documentation, building the P&ID & 3D Models, mapping the process and instrumentation tags, etc. 

These differences result in increased effort to review the design and provide proper verification on a timely manner.

This often requires that the review team are co-located resulting in several face to face and long-distance travel to the EPC design office to conduct the review to understand the EPC methodology and complete the design verification.

2. During the Procurement Stage:

The lack of proper alignment between the design team, execution and construction team often results in procurement of incorrect specification or even missing important material that has a long lead time which impact the overall project schedule and start up.

3. During the Construction and Installation Stage:

Rework will have resulted from engineering standard violations, safety issues, material mismatch and other critical factors.

4. During Operations Stage:

The operator often must work to collate the asset, material and other engineering master data as found in specification sheets, Original Equipment Manufacturer manuals and other design specifications.

This results in a long time before the accurate Asset Strategy and Performance measures being developed and results in performance as seen in KPIs such as MTBF, MTTR, Lead time, consumption pattern, reliability, availability, etc.

Operators often must prevent human error during Operation and maintenance activities and the lack of operating instructions and prior knowledge result in delayed unit startup and delays

5. During Maintenance Stage:

Tracking of spares (from the moment they leave for maintenance till the moment they are re-installed and operated), spare parts stock levels, RAM, etc.

Evaluation Criteria

IR X.0 TECX evaluation committee will assess the proposed ideas on the hackathon based on the following criteria:

  • Solution Design
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency


    • The top 5 shortlisted finalists will be notified by 20th of September.


    • Finalists should be available to attend and present their solutions at the conference.


    • Submission Deadline for Nominations – 13th September 2019.


    Akash Sachdev : | +971 58 597 5897

    Guidelines for Submission

    We can’t stress enough how important it is that the winners will be judged on the quality of their entries and cannot rely on reputation alone. Be clear and accurate with your entry, but don’t feel the need to write thousands of words.

    • The business challenge and processes that is being addressed should be described, the challenge should show the business requirement, business benefit and transformation (150 words)
    • The Technology implemented should be described in detail and this should include the technology implemented and the system architecture. This may be supported with an attachment.
    • The approach to the solution implementation should be described including duration, stakeholders and innovative approach and time to implement (150 words)
    • The business benefit should be described including the Savings and Total cost of Ownership (50 words)
    • If you would like to further enhance your nomination with a video, please also add the video link on the pdf you submit.

    Files should be uploaded in .pdf format not exceeding 5 MB


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